Top 10 places to see in Copenhagen, Denmark

Top 10 places to see in Copenhagen? Here is our favorite places from the city!

Chaos on the Highway #travelfiascos

Ever got stranded on an Indian National Highway amidst no where? Any road trip memories of travel fiasco? Here is the latest in the series.

Lost in Paris #travelfiascos

Do you have memories of #travelmishaps? Fun or Sad? We have many and for us, that's the lingering memories we take back from any vacation. This one is from our first Europian vacation in Paris.

Mother and the long nine yards….

It is funny how inane objects become precious memories. Things that you never thought of as important, things whose presence you would rather not acknowledge, and those that are so much a part of your everyday life that you never thought they were worth memories! I was getting ready for work in the morning today … Continue reading Mother and the long nine yards….