London’s Secret – Street Graffiti in Shoreditch

Garfield. Piglet. Chimpanzee playing chess - a quirky combination to say the least. That's what welcomes you when you visit the vibrant area of Shoreditch - the buzzing hub of street graffiti in London. How I reached there, is a story for another day. Just in few words - sudden change of plans while on … Continue reading London’s Secret – Street Graffiti in Shoreditch

Delicioso Cubanos!

If you have watched the movie "Chef" (the English one - directed by Jon Favrea), I bet you left the theatre craving for a Cuban Sandwich! I mean seriously, those Cubanos looked absolutely delicious in the film. But sadly, there isn't any good place serving a decent Cubano any where in Kolkata. So when I arrived … Continue reading Delicioso Cubanos!