Camden Town – the quirky bit in London

With world sinking into the spiral of Covid-19, I have been awfully withdrawn to write anything. Here or anything in the social media. Then today I chanced upon how my otherwise favorite places in London, has slowly sunk into loneliness. The first image I saw, was about Camden Town, probably the most weird yet wonderful … Continue reading Camden Town – the quirky bit in London

Day trip to Oxford – a Potter-head’s view

“City of Dreaming Spires”Matthew Arnold That is how poet Matthew Arnold described Oxford, during the late middle ages, taking inspiration from the lofty domes of the numerous colleges around the university, that was established way back in the 12th century! It is not really unexpected, that the first thoughts that we always get when we … Continue reading Day trip to Oxford – a Potter-head’s view

The City of Colleges – Cambridge

Good thing about having good friends abroad (specifically, in tourist places) is that if a chance presents itself to be there, you always have a friend for the journey and exploration nearby! The other important aspect is that you can then take a break from the mundane hotel stay and food, of course. 😉 So … Continue reading The City of Colleges – Cambridge

London’s Secret – Street Graffiti in Shoreditch

Garfield. Piglet. Chimpanzee playing chess - a quirky combination to say the least. That's what welcomes you when you visit the vibrant area of Shoreditch - the buzzing hub of street graffiti in London. How I reached there, is a story for another day. Just in few words - sudden change of plans while on … Continue reading London’s Secret – Street Graffiti in Shoreditch

Delicioso Cubanos!

If you have watched the movie "Chef" (the English one - directed by Jon Favrea), I bet you left the theatre craving for a Cuban Sandwich! I mean seriously, those Cubanos looked absolutely delicious in the film. But sadly, there isn't any good place serving a decent Cubano any where in Kolkata. So when I arrived … Continue reading Delicioso Cubanos!

London – The Gastronomic Journey

It's Sunday, and England has won their first ever Fifa U17 World Cup - in style - and we are back with the second part of our account of London in a day - with a mouth watering piece on the oh-so-famous Borough Market of London! The first part of our whirl wind tour of … Continue reading London – The Gastronomic Journey

London – a fleeting glance at the City!

London. The word brought up a flashback of all the memories associated with it. Sherlock, Wimbledon, Shakespeare, Dickens, Big Ben, Westminister and what not. Probably that gives an insight into what interests a Honuman! Come October, one of the Honumans had to fly down for an official business in Maidenhead and it was sheer "luck" … Continue reading London – a fleeting glance at the City!