Delicioso Cubanos!

If you have watched the movie Chef (the English one – directed by Jon Favrea), I bet you left the theatre craving for a Cuban Sandwich! I mean seriously, those Cubanos looked absolutely delicious in the film. But sadly, there isn’t any good place serving a decent Cubano any where in Kolkata.

So when I arrived in Belfast, UK for work, I was more than excited when I saw this wonderful little popup stall selling hot Cuban sandwich at the local weekend St. Georges Market

The menu at the Cuban Sandwich Factory pop up stall ranged from the traditional pork Cubanos to the more meaty beef ones like Sloppy Joe’s and Ropa Vieja. I tried a Classic Cubano – slow roasted pulled pork and ham with cheese and fiery mustard sauce in a Cuban Crusty bread. The Cubanos are then hot pressed with dollops of butter just so that the cheese inside melts to a gooey goodness!!

Well they were utterly delicious – succulent pork with delicious, fiery sauce and pretty generous helping too! These Cubanos have definetely lived up to my expectations!


Do check out the Cuban Sandwich Factory if you are in Belfast at the cool weekend market of their restaurant in City Center!

– The Foodie Monkeymonkey-cartoon-character-pizza-burger-chef-hat-d-rendered-illustration-71855868



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