London’s Secret – Street Graffiti in Shoreditch

Garfield. Piglet. Chimpanzee playing chess – a quirky combination to say the least.
That’s what welcomes you when you visit the vibrant area of Shoreditch – the buzzing hub of street graffiti in London.


How I reached there, is a story for another day. Just in few words – sudden change of plans while on the train to London, quick Google to see where can I get street art and then use the London tube to landup in Shoreditch. All this while, preparing myself to be amazed by the unexpected!

How to reach: This journey can be better planned to start from Aldgate East tube station and then walking right through lanes and by-lanes to end at Shoreditch High Street station (London Overground).

Since mine was an impromptu decision to explore, so I started from the other way round 😛

The primary focus area is in Brick Lane (made famous by a book of Monica Ali and a movie by same name).  You have to keep your eyes open as even the smallest walls and doors also have a mesmerizing street art!

So without boring you with any more description, let’s dive into the hub!

P.S: The walls keep changing with new art every now and then – so prepared to be surprised.











The intriguing part of this entire place is how all these wall arts have merged with the ethos and character of the neighborhood.


Past Brick Lane and you will find this handmade chocolate shop ‘Dark Sugars’.

We were simply drooling at the sight of the huge display of chocolates and cocoa!

The other quirky bit about the whole neighborhood is that it has an extensive Bangladeshi influence – attributing to the settlers over time.  So much so that, if you had looked closely in one of the images above, you would have seen street names in Bengali language!

Well, that’s about it, then… 🙂

Adios, till your Friendly Traveler Monkey finds another interesting place to share!

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