Camden Town – the quirky bit in London

With world sinking into the spiral of Covid-19, I have been awfully withdrawn to write anything. Here or anything in the social media. Then today I chanced upon how my otherwise favorite places in London, has slowly sunk into loneliness. The first image I saw, was about Camden Town, probably the most weird yet wonderful … Continue reading Camden Town – the quirky bit in London

The City of Colleges – Cambridge

Good thing about having good friends abroad (specifically, in tourist places) is that if a chance presents itself to be there, you always have a friend for the journey and exploration nearby! The other important aspect is that you can then take a break from the mundane hotel stay and food, of course. 😉 So … Continue reading The City of Colleges – Cambridge

London’s Secret – Street Graffiti in Shoreditch

Garfield. Piglet. Chimpanzee playing chess - a quirky combination to say the least. That's what welcomes you when you visit the vibrant area of Shoreditch - the buzzing hub of street graffiti in London. How I reached there, is a story for another day. Just in few words - sudden change of plans while on … Continue reading London’s Secret – Street Graffiti in Shoreditch