London – The Gastronomic Journey

It's Sunday, and England has won their first ever Fifa U17 World Cup - in style - and we are back with the second part of our account of London in a day - with a mouth watering piece on the oh-so-famous Borough Market of London! The first part of our whirl wind tour of … Continue reading London – The Gastronomic Journey

London – a fleeting glance at the City!

London. The word brought up a flashback of all the memories associated with it. Sherlock, Wimbledon, Shakespeare, Dickens, Big Ben, Westminister and what not. Probably that gives an insight into what interests a Honuman! Come October, one of the Honumans had to fly down for an official business in Maidenhead and it was sheer "luck" … Continue reading London – a fleeting glance at the City!