Day trip to Oxford – a Potter-head’s view

“City of Dreaming Spires”Matthew Arnold That is how poet Matthew Arnold described Oxford, during the late middle ages, taking inspiration from the lofty domes of the numerous colleges around the university, that was established way back in the 12th century! It is not really unexpected, that the first thoughts that we always get when we … Continue reading Day trip to Oxford – a Potter-head’s view

Caramel Custard – recipe

Christmas is round the corner and tis the season to cheer, laugh, bake and share a meal with your friends and family! Though I love to cook for my guests when we invite them over, often I skip making the dessert - so much hassle, will it bake properly, - I would rather order an … Continue reading Caramel Custard – recipe

Visit Vizag – food, beach and peace

It’s bad manners to let vacation wait! Said someone intelligent enough. Luckily, I listened. Our 10th wedding anniversary was almost knocking at the door and I, being the "forgetful" best half of this unholy matrimony, was almost landing myself into that unpardonable zone. We had been planning to go somewhere but nothing was ticking the … Continue reading Visit Vizag – food, beach and peace

Music from the “heART” – for your winter evenings

Interested to spend an evening without your daily dose of Netflix? An evening far from the lights and sounds of the nightclub? Someplace where your eyes can take a break from looking at screens? Take a pause and spend an evening with the heART team, who will take you back to the basics of art … Continue reading Music from the “heART” – for your winter evenings

Fab Café by Fab India – Review

Reinventing healthy food, the traditional way! Fab Café, Loudon Street, Kolkata Well winter is almost here and it's the season of heading out with our friends and family and eating out to our heart's content! But eating out is somehow always considered to be unhealthy and it is widely accepted that health food can never, … Continue reading Fab Café by Fab India – Review

Roastery Coffee House – The place for “Coffelaxation”

Coffelaxation. Sounds odd? Because there is no word like that.But when I sink into a state of relaxation over a cup of coffee that brings out the steaming flavor of roasted beans from the Malabar Hills, I name that state as "Coffelaxation". Relaxation over Coffee. While walking through the lane having FabIndia in Hindusthan Park … Continue reading Roastery Coffee House – The place for “Coffelaxation”

Classic Margherita Pizza from our Honuman’s Kitchen

Who doesn't love Pizza? And we are spoilt for options too - a tandoori chicken one, or one with spicy pepperoni topping, or to pineapple or not-to-pineapple, or any-topping-would-do al long as it's with lots and lots of cheese! Pizza, however, was not always a very popular dish in Italy, and was generally cooked by … Continue reading Classic Margherita Pizza from our Honuman’s Kitchen

পুজোর গল্প ৪| সুরা and its side-effects!

গতবারের গল্প ছিল সুর নিয়ে, তারই Spirit এ তাই এবার থিম হোক 'সুরা'! তাই "বেয়ারা, চালাও ফোয়ারা"! গল্পের। (Spirit এর না!) স্থান বেঙ্গালুরু। সময় ২০০৭। এবারের গল্পের সময় কাল একটু পরের দিকের।, চাকরি জীবনের শুরুর দিকের। কলেজ পাশ করে, অচিরেই "বাবার হোটেল" ছেড়ে বেরিয়ে পড়েছিলাম কর্মসূত্রে অন্য শহরে। আমাদের চোখে সে এক শহর যেখানে স্বাধীনতার … Continue reading পুজোর গল্প ৪| সুরা and its side-effects!

পুজোর গল্প ৩ | নাটকীয় নাটক

আমার বেশ দুর্নাম আছে। বাড়িতে, অফিসেও। কিরকম? আমাকে খুব প্রশংসা করলেও আপনাকে বলতেই হবে আমি বেশ 'অ'সুর। মানে গানের ব্যাপারে। আমার সঙ্গে ২৪ ঘন্টা যে মানবী থাকেন, তার এই নিয়ে বিস্তর অভিযোগ। মানে আগে, বিয়ের শুরুতে ছিল অনুযোগ। বিবাহের ৯ বছর পর, সেটা অভিযোগে পরিণত হয়েছে। একেই মনে হয় ইভোলুশন বলে। জাগ্গে, ইনিয়ে-মিনিয়ে কাজ নেই। … Continue reading পুজোর গল্প ৩ | নাটকীয় নাটক

Recipe: Easy-peasy Chicken Rezala

Of all the influences, the long Mughal Rule has had on India, we would say the culinary influence has been the most profound one.

Rezala, with its un-common pairing of onion with sour curd, resulting in an unique blend of sweet and sour with the perfect underdones of spiciness is an all time favourite dish, While there are many variants to cooking a Rezala, here is an easy recipe from our Chef Monkey's kitchen with a bit of Honuman touch!