Roastery Coffee House – The place for “Coffelaxation”

Coffelaxation. Sounds odd? Because there is no word like that.
But when I sink into a state of relaxation over a cup of coffee that brings out the steaming flavor of roasted beans from the Malabar Hills, I name that state as “Coffelaxation“. Relaxation over Coffee.

While walking through the lane having FabIndia in Hindusthan Park (near Gariahat), often this old gate used to catch my eye. Written on it was “South India Club”, one of the many old clubs still running fine in this good old city of mine where an evening adda is a more worthy pleasure than just roaming around aimlessly in some swanky mall.
Although it had opened in June, 2019, my first visit came up last Sunday evening.
Weather in my city is slowly turning bit comfortably cold in the evenings and to celebrate that, we went to Roastery.

The first thing that catches one’s eyes is the well spaced out and relaxed outdoor seating space. The chess board designed flooring with the chairs will transport you to an old era of appreciating quaint little things. I am sure this open air coffee space is going to be a hit for many years to come.

Enough of prologue? Let’s jump into what we had.

Coffee and more…

That’s the USP and they have a well detailed out menu book explaining different types of brew and variants. I lost the count of different coffee they serve, while going through the menu. 🙂

I opted for Light to Medium Monsoon Malabar Coffee. Now I am generally not a black coffee lover but somehow that evening, I went ahead and I was amazed. When it arrived, the smell of roasted coffee beans mesmerized me and being light to medium, it tasted absolutely good. Since then I have been thinking over, how to get this at home!
Sohini went for a Cinnamon Latte, Sassy for a Cranberry and Coffee (Cold) and Priyodarshi had a Cappuccino. The flavor, the smell and the intriguing bits like cranberry infusion charmed us all.

Food to go along…

We were more inclined to have light snacks to go with the coffee while some wholesome food for my mini Monkey.
So we ordered a Chicken Penne in white sauce. Quantity was enough for two and served with toasted bread. The fact that Rishaan cleaned it off without any second word, testifies to the quality of the food being served!

We wanted a medium spicy finger food and the staff suggested Spicy Chicken South West Finger. This was a much tastier version of any famous fried chicken and the yum quotient was high! Along with that Sohini wanted to have Onion Rings (a more refined edition of our good ol’ Peyanji!) – so there it was. Not a frozen ones just being fried but freshly prepared in the kitchen

Going through the menu, I realized they did serve an elaborate food spread as well. Starting from standard Breakfast options to salads, pasta, burgers, sandwiches and then wholesome continental food as well. That’s my plan when I go next preferably for a lunch.

Feedback – Smile or none?

A big smile at the end of the evening was there.
Great coffee complimented by good food. Friends. Adda. Onset of winter.
So if you are looking for some isolated me-time or a rejuvenating adda with friends, head on to Roastery Coffee House and try for the outdoor space.
I am sure, you will love the experience.

Pinch or Punch in my pocket?

All these coffee and food set us back by INR 1468/-only.
So definitely worth it!

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