Music from the “heART” – for your winter evenings

Interested to spend an evening without your daily dose of Netflix?
An evening far from the lights and sounds of the nightclub?
Someplace where your eyes can take a break from looking at screens?

Take a pause and spend an evening with the heART team, who will take you back to the basics of art and music.
A hour to slow down and reflect..

“In the end all we ask is that,we open our hearts to you through our art and you show us your heart as well”

This is what the heART team has to say about themselves. It is a platform where all budding indie talents from different spheres of music, art, poetry come together to perform and spread the finer tastes of life.

I came to know about heART from Asia, my sister who used to live in Kochi for some time. This was her getaway from the everyday mundane life, collaborating with new musicians every weekend. Now that she was back in town and it was only a matter of time before there was a heART chapter for Kolkata.
Back to her roots, our own city – that is stuck in time, that doesn’t have the tallest high-rises and the brightest malls, but can still pause and savor the melancholy aftertaste of the roadside bard singing along with the cacophony of the crowd.

A musical evening at Chile Kotha

I wasn’t going to miss the second session, after missing out on the first. This one was planned to be an hour of music, on the floors of a pretty quaint Bengali restaurant named “Chile Kotha” (i.e. Attic).

Probably there couldn’t have been a more apt place where the two young musicians, Ator and Ashim, regaled and mesmerized us, with their fresh music.
The restaurant itself evokes nostalgia from the every nook and corner, with the old Calcutta lamp shades, that almost defunct heirloom Gramophone and that spiral staircase. Old Calcutta in a room.

Music from the heART

Starting with singles, cruising through the Bengali “Ache Din” song to our own Kabir Suman, Ator Mukherjee‘s voice just swooned the audience. Not to miss, the equally mesmerizing collaboration from Annie and Debjyoti. It was refreshing to hear the unadulterated voices resonating in a room full of nostalgia.

Next up on the stage was a maverick figure Ashim Sardar. His distinct singing style struck a chord with audience right away. Folk songs, his own compositions and a self-composed Ghazal as well – it was magical!

The hour mark went past by in a daze and before we realized, the dream had come to an end. We did want some more music and the next heART session would soon be there to satiate our soul.

You can listen to more from that magical evening in our Youtube channel:

The heART team with the performers of the day

That’s precisely how winter evenings should be spent in our city of songs and adda. The Honumans were more than elated to know that there are more heART sessions coming up in December.
So if this experience intrigued your dreamer-self, keep watching this space.

Smiling Honumans

Where to find heART?

You can find the heART people:
in Facebook
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