Top 10 places to see in Copenhagen, Denmark

When I hear the word “Copenhagen“, two things immediately pop in my mind – the Beer capital and the Little Mermaid. But the city is much more than the Mermaid (though I have never been a big fan of this) and you really cannot escape from the Beer! 😀

Covid-19 Travel advisory for Denmark

While Covid-19 is still looming large in post parts of the world, European countries have slowly reopened their borders, albeit some restrictions. Best website to know Covid-19 impact on entry to Denmark can be found here:

Back to the story, I had the privilege of living here in pockets of few months from 2012 onwards. So here is what are the top 10 things to see in the city of Copenhagen, through my eyes, someone who has stayed in the city for not very long yet soaked in the warmth of the cold Scandinavian city!

1. Nyhavn, the waterfront

Nyhavn or the New harbor is a 17th century water-front and canal district in Copenhagen, immensely famous for the all-so-known colorful houses by the front and the yachts and wooden boats with it.

What’s there to see
Enjoy the evenings here in Nyhavn, listening to some local band dishing out hits or by just having a walk by the water-front and soak in the atmosphere or even hop into one of the many picture perfect restaurants to have lunch or dinner (Alert: could dig a hole in your pocket! 😉 )

How to reach:
The nearest metro station is Kongens Nytorv – once you get done there, just walk across to the other end and there you are.

2. Tivoli Gardens – the amusement park

This is a big thing amongst the locals as well as tourists. In the evening, once the lights are out, it’s almost like fairy-tale land!t

What’s there to see
Kids or adults, there are just loads of rides and shows inside the Tivoli and it’s difficult to get bored out there! 😉

How to reach:
This is right next to the Copenhagen Central Station, couple of minutes of walk

This is the second oldest operating amusement park in the world, opened in 1843!

3. Amalienborg Palace and Square

What’s there to see
The palace where the Royals live today but more interesting is the architecture and the Palace square where one can see the changing of guards at 12 noon everyday.

How to reach:
If you are in Nyhavn, walk couple of blocks towards north and you will reach here!

4. Church of Our Saviour (or the Spiral Tower)

What’s there to see
Want to see Copenhagen from the top? Well, make your way to the Church of Our Saviour, which has this corkscrew spire, accessible through spiral staircase on the exterior! Quite an adrenaline rush! 😀

How to reach:
Take a bus from Copenhagen Central Station or if the weather is kind (and not rainy), then take a walk – it’s only 2.5 Kms from Central Station.

5. Frederiksberg Have

What’s there to see:
Frederiksberg Have or  Frederiksberg Gardens is more greenery in an already green city and it’s perfect day-outing place when the weather is sunny! It has many small walkways amidst the greenery with even an artificial waterfall. But the best view comes from the front of the palace where the entire expanse of green gardens lies in front of you!

How to reach:
Take the bus 26 in front of Central Station and get down right at the door steps at bus stop: Frederiksberg Runddel (Pile Allé)

6. Den Blå Planet or The Blue Planet

What’s there to see:
The Blue Planet is Denmark’s National Aquarium but it can give a run of money for most of the sea-world as well. The whirlpool architecture with its Ocean tank and mini rain-forests house sharks, colorful sea fishes and an open gallery of seals and walruses!

How to reach:
If you are coming from Central Station, catch the Bus 5C or from the airport. get down at Kastrup Metro Station.

7. Carlsberg Brewery Tour

So when I first time to CPH, I had a bucket list of things I will be doing – that list had ONE item and it was to visit the Carlsberg Brewery!

What’s there to see:
So there is a guided tour of their beer museum, then through their in-house horse stable and finally to the now-defunct brewery. They also take you to the place where Neils Bohr – the Nobel prize winning scientist used to live in their premises and he was given a running beer tap in the kitchen! Feeling motivated? 😉

How to reach:
If you are coming from Central Station, catch any S-train (B or C) which will drop you at Dybbølsbro station (next stop) and from there you can walk or if the weather is good and you are up a for a walk, it will take around 30 mins to cover the odd 3 Kms from Central Station.

Honumans Tip:
1. Carlsberg brewery tour comes free with Copenhagen Card
2. It’s closed now for renovation and so do call them before you make the trip

8. Stroget or The Walking Street

What’s there to see:
This is one of the longest pedestrian shopping street in Europe, between the City Hall at one end to Kongens Nytorv / Nyhavn on the other end but essentially beyond the main shopping streets, it’s the old world cobbled by-lanes which bring much of it’s charm.
In any of the days, you will find musicians or artists showing their skills, much to the joy of the tourists and locals.

How to reach:
It’s walking distance from Central Station as well as Kongens Nytorv metro station

9. Dyrehavsbakken or Bakken

Interested to see world’s oldest operating amusement park? Yes, it’s here, just outside Copenhagen, a place called Klampenborg.

What’s there to see:
So let me list it down:
1. A pristine beach just next to the Klampenborg station (the nearest station for Bakken).
2. Come back from the beach and cross the station and go eastwards and you will find the forest area welcoming you. Few hundred meters and you will find the gate of Bakken in front of you. Here you don’t have to pay any charges to enter (unline Tivoli) and it’s more natural in it’s location and atmosphere.
3. Walk past the Bakken complex and you will find winding earthy roads taking you well inside the “Deer Pasture Hill” (the meaning of Bakken).

How to reach:
If you are coming from Central Station, catch any C train towards Klampenborg (the last stop) and it should take around 30 mins. From Klampenborg station, you can walk.

Honumans Tip:
1. Do take half-a-day to visit this only when the weather is good and you will not repent.
2. If you enjoy horse-carriage rides, you will get many around Bakken.

10. Copenhagen Canal Tours

What’s there to see:
So you can opt for this, from Nyhavn itself and a single ride generally costs around 40-80 Danish Kroners and they will take you around the many canals bordering interesting places like Christania and ChristianHavn and ofcourse, get you the glimpse of the Little Mermaid.

How to reach:
If you are in Nyhavn, the tour starts from there itself and you will find many operators.

Special Note: Copenhagen Carnival

If you are in CPH around last week of May or first week of June, then you can witness the Copenhagen Carnival – a gala festival of music in motion and colorful processions across the city!
Words cannot express the festivities, so will let pictures do the talking!

So that’s all from Copenhagen this time. In case, you have any feedback or questions on this, do write to us here in comments or in Facebook or Instagram.
Till then, stay safe…

Image source: Tivoli Gardens second photo is used for representational purpose from CNTraveler and image rights lie with CNTraveler (

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