Lost in Paris #travelfiascos

Do you have memories of #travelmishaps? Fun or Sad? We have many and for us, that's the lingering memories we take back from any vacation. This one is from our first Europian vacation in Paris.

Memories of my first Biriyani moment

On the Doom's day, leave thee with a plate of Biriyani and thou shall rest in peace...Yours Truly With Bongs, the topic of Biriyani is extremely touchy. It's almost as if, we didn't have "rice-ceremony" in our childhood but it was a "biriyani-ceremony"! But that's how we are. Extremely passionate about things we love, more … Continue reading Memories of my first Biriyani moment

Sun-o-Story: A Sunday of Stories

"Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today." Stories form the single most important thing to let a child's imagination fly. But in today's world, our kids generally do not get the experience of personalized story-telling. There are many reasons for that - us, parents being the prime culprit here. … Continue reading Sun-o-Story: A Sunday of Stories