Sun-o-Story: A Sunday of Stories

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.”

Stories form the single most important thing to let a child’s imagination fly. But in today’s world, our kids generally do not get the experience of personalized story-telling. There are many reasons for that – us, parents being the prime culprit here. After a long hard day’s work, how many of us sit with our kids and give them sometime to let their horses of imagination for a ride? 😛

This became a trigger for a social media discussion, led by our very own Indrajit Lahiri or should I say “Foodka“! The idea was to arrange for a story-telling session for our kids and thereby, let them experience the joy of listening and learning together with other kids. Needless to say, this was the spark required for us and thanks to the extra-ordinary efforts of Indrajit and few others who voluntarily opted to help out with logistics and of-course the integral part of the exercise – telling stories. Thus came into life “Sun-o-Story”.

Oxford Bookstore at Park Street partnered for the venue and they were very supportive with all kids monkeying around the store.

The Experience

It was divided into two sections of 1 hour each – first for kids between 4-6 years and next hour for 7-10 years. The first hour was beaming with super energetic little monkeys and their equally enthusiastic parents like us! Anindita and Avra did the honours for the first session and they did an excellent job to keep the little ones engaged, including my mini Monkey. The stories started with their daily activities and rhymes and then moved onto the actual mythological inspiration behind “Chota Bheem” – the real “Bhim” and his stories! Kids were ecstatic to get on to the microphone and say their favorite rhymes or stories and needless to say, running around length and breadth of the bookstore. The second session was wonderfully carried out by Navpreet and Anuradha. I must say, the Oxford store people were very patient and always smiling! 🙂

Leaving now with some images from the event for you to see the energy and enthusiasm!

And what did we, the parents do? As you can see, we were right there, enjoying with the kids and also taking at a well-deserved break at the adjacent “Cha Bar” over some tea and coffee!

A good and enjoyable Sunday for all. Specially the kids. The smiles on their faces was a testimony to this novel idea in this city of Kolkata.

Looks interesting? Keep following for the next Sun-o-Story event soon! Bye from the Papa Monkey!

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