Bright winter, late lunch & adda

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one hasn’t dined well…


But isn’t it true? Good food along with dollops of good conversation and if with the closest friends, is always the best mood up-lifter.
Yesterday was one such day. After an enforced embargo due to Omicron, we were raring for some rejuvenation and a bright sunny Kolkata winter afternoon was what the “doctor ordered”! 😉

Little late for x-mas LUNCH?

Sun beaming down upon us, we drove to the fag east-end of the city to the warm abode of Moon & Sayantan. The moment doors opened up, the aroma of fresh oven-backed dishes being made was in the air. Something was cooking. 🙂
Moon had prepped up an elaborate spread which reminded me of all those mouth watering Christmas lunches in some five-star restaurants. Roast Chicken with three different marinades, sautéed veggies, grilled potatoes with side of refreshingly aromatic fried rice. I was already salivating!

The roast chicken was succulent and juicy with two standout flavors coming through using Nando’s Peri Peri sauce and Cajun rub.

But don’t we all know how wonderful cook Moon is? So the surprise innings of the day was brought forward by Priyodarshi with his “luscious” bowl of Shepherd Pie. Why luscious? The texture was flaky, crust was perfectly done and the meat beneath was so wonderfully tasty, that one bite into it, instantly teleported us to the cafe of Mrs. Magpie. Yes, it was THAT good! Of course all of these were beautifully complimented with the cans of Bira Gold and Sensi Red Wine – a perfect match!


This meet was triggered by another motivating factor – Moon’s birthday is on Monday and that being a working day, we thought pre-celebrating the same with some Irish cake from French Loaf (this one has been a long time fav for us) and finally ending the day with some Caramel Custard. Almost “melting in mouth” kinda feel was that perfect ending for a long Saturday where conversations kept flowing, so as with the food.

Happy souls?

A picture will reveal it all…

So that was it – after a month, some much needed rejuvenation for our souls and our kids playing around all day, as much to their heart (and energy!).

We slog whole week and so times like these, with some cooking and adda, is what keeps us going. What about you? Leaving you all with a Reel video.

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