Let there be… light

“Moni, why are the toys still lying on the floor?
How many times have I asked you to switch off lights before leaving the room?! The lights are still on!”
Moni was about to brush Gurguri, her new Barbie’s hair. She stopped when she heard her mother grumbling.
Thammi (Grandma) smiled as she saw her 8 year old granddaughter scowling.
“খুব দুষ্ট হয়েছিস। মা র কথা শোন একটু ।” (You have become very naughty! Do listen to your mom sometimes!)
Thammi teased her as Moni cuddled on her lap.
This was for the nth time Ma has spoken about turning off lights and ceiling fans.
“Thammi… why does Ma always scold me for keeping the lights on? Guddu’s mother never scolds him!” inquired the little girl.
Thammi replied by quoting a poem
“যে জন দিবসে
মনের হরষে …..”

Little Moni was impatient… “Thammi I don’t understand the meaning of this!”
Thammi just smiled in return.
At around 7pm the house was suddenly plunged into darkness.
Moni had her class test the next day.
Kolkata was having its regular bouts of power cut.
But few minutes later Moni’s room came to life as power got restored.
Moni looked outside and saw it was still pitch dark in Guddu’s house.
Guddu, her school mate, stayed just around the corner of her house.
Even while having her dinner, Moni couldn’t see lights in Guddu’s house.
Guddu looked quiet and sombre the next day at school.
Moni walked up and asked him “ Why are you looking so lost?”
“I could not play video game last night and on top of that Baba scolded me for wasting electricity. Too much overloading has caused a burnt fuse in our building yesterday.”
Moni smiled “Ma is always right”.
She suddenly understood what Thammi says all the time.
“যে জন দিবসে
মনের হরষে
জ্বালায় মোমের বাতি
আশু গৃহে তার
দেখিবেনা আর
নিশীথে প্রদীপ ভাতি!”
(One who lights a candle all the time during the day, won’t get light when it’s dark.)

Image Courtesy –
1. Feature image is sourced from Pinterest (https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/aa/46/de/aa46de5801d744c85578658f63c901ac.jpg). Sole copyrights lie with image owner only.

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