Yule Tea Lounge, Eco Park | “Secrets” of Kolkata

Sundays are generally associated with some laid-back moments spent either at home, lazing in the bed or spending time with your family and friends. So the calling for a good “adda” was always there – only the place and time was needed to be finalized.

Now with two super energetic mini-Monkeys with us, I always prefer a place which will have some outdoor seating and some open space to let these Monkeys run free! I have been longing for some good old Sunday adda with my Honuman buddies in town, more so because of my failing health preventing me from exercising my taste-buds over some good food and drinks.

I have been hearing about this tea place inside Eco Park which has grown its own tea garden right in the heart of the city. Yes – the Yule Tea Lounge! So the Foodie Monkey summary for you :

Where: Yule Tea Lounge in Eco Park, Rajarhat (besides Gate 3 – Google Map location)

Time: Best time is to visit either before 10am (on weekends) or after 3pm.

Cuisine: Chinese, Continental, Snacks

Price: Reasonable – we order 3 iced teas, one fresh lime, 2 earl grey, 2 plates of pasta, 2 plates of chicken sandwich, 2 plates of chicken momo – all for INR 1585/- only!

Ambience: Relaxed with both indoor and outdoor seating

The Foodie Monkey Experience:

The plan was to have breakfast over some adda and then by 12 noon, wrap-up. But since when the Monkey meets have been so well-planned?! 😀 So we have all arrived at Yule Tea Lounge around 10.30 am, after struggling to find a good parking place.

Car Parking Tip: While on the Rajarhat expressway, cross Mishti Hub, take the first left cut-out into the service lane. Turn left and just before the Mishti Hub building, you will find a small fenced parking spot marked as HIDCO – put your car there itself. That’s the Yule people suggested to keep the car.

The kids were almost ready to play some football without even going up to the main lounge. The place had good and spacious seating areas – both outside the building, in the patio as well as inside the cozy comfort of ACs.

Since it was already late and the Sun was blazing down, we chose to sit inside with the running ACs providing much needs comfort. Kids though had other plans – running around, wrecking havoc before playing some football.

Now the most important part of the story – Food and Drinks! We had these and almost all loved it!

Grilled Chicken Sandwich – this one was well made with good amount of shredded chicken mingled with mayo Earl Grey tea – Hmm. Ok. Just another one.

Chicken Pasta – The best of the lot – pasta with white sauce, full of herbs and basil made this one every bit flavorful

Iced Tea (regular and Mango base) – though the glass with the drink looked aluuring, I cannot say the same about the taste – passable!
Steamed Chicken Momo – With thin coating and good amount of minced meat, this one was tasty! Sorry – we were hungry – so those momos just flew into our stomach 😉

All the dishes were reasonably priced – so surely this is a value for money place!

Our Girl Gang basking in the Sun!

Kudos to Andrew Yule tea with Government of West Bengal and HIDCO to come together to let Kolkatans enjoy some relaxed time over some good food and tea! The whole place is also decorated with neon lights which I am sure, makes it look marvelous at night! To add if you want to explore Eco Park and the miniature Seven Wonders of the World – it’s right there!

So here is your Foodie Monkey wrapping up, with promises to bring more such well-known or little-known “Secrets of Kolkata”!

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