Mother’s Day Brunch @Novotel

Novotel’s offer for Mother’s day was as tempting as their brunch spread – “Mom’s eat free!”. As expected, brunch on a Sunday for a bunch of lazy Bongs eventually turned out to be a lunch, as we walked into the “The Square” at Novotel which was almost packed at 1’o clock.


The spread started with nice “Cauliflower flavoured sea food soup” that was light and packed with flavour. Other started items were more or less a regular fare with the baked fish deserving special mention.

We hardly went to the traditional Indian (biryani was good though) and Chinese mains as we had, by then, spotted the sea food spread – sushi and nigiri, fish roulade and smoked salmon! Sushi rolls were fresh and nice but be very, very careful with the wasabi! This is the real deal, people, and take it from someone who used to have a regular lunch of sushi everday for three months straight (somewhere in the UK!)


A pinch of the wasabi sent the uninitated in our family exploding through the ceiling! They sought refuge in the dessert corner – which proved to be a treasure trove! Let the pictures do the talking here!

Caramel Custard

We couldn’t have enough of the apple tart and strawberry mousse, and then we had some more!

Happy faces! Happy tummy & Happy Mummy 🙂

The Square - Novotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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