Man’s World – For the Smooth shave – Bombay Shaving Company!

Does your regular shaving razor (the more popular multi-bladed ones) not give you the perfect swoosh while shaving?
In case you feel as I do, then you probably have landed up in the right place.
I have been using an extremely popular razor and it’s shaving foam for years now. It has been made for our generation – where we apparently don’t have ‘time’ for a good smooth shave. Apparently.

Recently I landed up on a Facebook post for my good friend RJ Deep from Radio Mirchi where I first came across ‘Bombay Shaving Company’. Evidently Deep also faced problems very similar and on his suggestion, I looked up the website of ‘Bombay Shaving Company’ (Bombay Shaving Company).

No – you won’t get this in a departmental store or a brick-mortar shop. It’s purely online and clearly targeting the tech-savvy generation of mine.

So following Deep’s review, I jumped and ordered the six-part shaving system (there are other options as well). It was delivered 4 days flat and at my door step and what did I get on opening the box?


The box opens up with a shining piece of steel – the shaving razor (with my initials inscribed on it!). It gives a solid feel of metal in hand. The look of this was caught my eye!

Additionally there is a pre-shave scrub,  shaving cream and post shave cream, a shaving brush and a pack of 20 FEATHER stainless steel super sharp blades. And a manual, of course on how to have ‘that’ perfect shaving experience.

The six part  shaving kit costs a bit pricey INR 2,995.00. However you can also buy only the razor with Feather blades for INR 1845/-.

The website also has an option for gifting, so in case you are looking for something unique to gift your dad, brother, husband or boyfriend – you can just place the order to gift package online. Cool, isn’t it?☺️

The Monkey Verdict: Super sharp, no cuts almost, single swoosh and a CLEAN shave! It was almost like going back to those ‘prehistoric’ days of razors, blades, brush and foam.
A guaranteed freshness! Bombay Shaving ka jawaab nahi!

👍 from the Man Monkey!


  1. An advice from RJ Deep on how to have a good shaveAlways shave AFTER a bath, not BEFORE. And, keep the brush immersed in warm water before you shave. Pick it up and squeeze out the excess water before lathering up. Remember, that’s warm water, not hot water. Hot water will crack the handle and melt the glue holding the bristles together. Follow him at
  • You can setup a pre-order schedule in the website of Bombay Shaving Company so that your stock of blades never runs out. Cool feature, I must admit!

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