Ananda Utsav

Amidst all the big budget rivalry and clash of themed pujas for the winner, Durga puja has always been about bringing a smile on everyone’s faces, about spreading happiness and doing your bit for the less privileged. 

I was happy to be a part of a small initiative by my dad’s morning walker’s club, on Mahalaya,  to distribute food packets among the orphans of local missionary school. 

This institution is a part of the old and famous “Douglas Ground” in Behala, also home to the Barisha cricket academy, from where Dada started his conquests. All through out the year, these kids wouldn’t even let you find a single piece of litter or a dead leaf in the lush green park.

The impromptu event was a surprise for the kids, and their smile was the greatest puja agomoni sight for all. A memorable Mahalaya! 

(Please excuse for lower quality mobile images) 

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