Blue Poppy Thakali

After a long, hard working day in office or just lazing around in the evenings, when sudden hunger pangs call us, having piping hot momos gives a kind of therapeutic pleasure. And if there is little chill in the air, then it’s almost becomes an instant choice for some quick grub!
Over the years, Kolkata has seen many such joints spring up, serving momos and mostly different varieties of Oriental cuisine but nothing brings back, the long lost memories of having momo from a streetside stall in one of the lanes of Siliguri, our gateway town to the Hills.

Now I have been hearing about Blue Poppy Thakali for some time now – about how the flavours from Kalimpong has landed in our city, but never got the opportunity to visit their outlet near Middleton Row. The one we visited more often, few years back, was their Saltlake outlet, tucked inside the Sikkim House, for some quick momolicious adventure, while returning from office. So once we started ordering in food from outside in this extended “lockdown”, I opted to get food delivered from Thakali this time.

What we ordered

1. Chicken Kothey
2. Garlic Pepper Prawns
3. Egg Garlic Fried Rice
4. Stir Fried Flat Noodles
5. Egg Hakka Noodles
6. Lemon Chicken

Chicken Kothey was everything like a dream. Kothey essentially differs from regular steamed momo in the fact that here only one side of the momo gets crispy “golden brown” fried. That to me, renders the ideal combination to taste the thin coating of the momo, yet bit fried on the next bite. The filling tasted nice, not overtly spicy, which the mini Monkey enjoyed.

Garlic Pepper Prawns could have been the perfect starter in winter evenings with a glass of your favorite liquor by the side. Without it, I liked the pepper flavour with hint of garlic. Prawns were also pretty fresh but as you can see in the pic, these are not deshelled and the entire prawn is cooked and served.

While the garlic fried rice and hakka noodles were pretty ordinary (take it as “OK”), personally my favourite amongst the rice and noodles was the Stir Fried Flat Noodles. Generally speaking, I am not much of a fan of flat noodles but the stir fried flavor worked fine for me.

That brings me to talk about the disaster of the dinner – Lemon Chicken (incidentally forgot to take the picture). While ordering, I had mentioned that we didn’t want something spicy and we were suggested this. Sassy doesn’t eat prawns, so to keep my wife happy, the chicken preparation has to be good enough. So what was the problem? Two large slices of lemon was present in the gravy and by the time, we had it, the taste of the gravy had turned bitter from the lemon infusion. Sadly the same happened for the chicken pieces as well. So definitely, something we aren’t going to recommend.

verdict time?

Value for Money – ofcourse!
Quality of food – if you are looking forward to a no-frills perfectly standard affair, what we ordered above will mostly be good (barring the lemon chicken disaster).
Wish list for next time – some Pork Shyapta and Thukpa!

Hole in the Pocket?

For what we ordered, it was perfect for 4 adults and a mini Monkey and it cost us INR 1625/-. Food delivery was done through Swiggy Genie – which has become a defacto norm, having never disappointed us.

How to order

You can order through Swiggy app if you are staying within serviceable area.
For souls like us, you can call up this number +916289951988 to place the order. Payment can be done through Google Pay. They also send you an e-invoice!

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