The Big Byang and the first takeaway since lockdown

Since Covid 19 Lockdown was enforced back in late March, 2020, we generally had stopped going out other than essential stuffs or order in food during these times.
When these 6-7 months flew by, most of didn’t realize, mainly because of the rigors of daily life upon us and then suddenly when October came, it was time for our biggest festival – Durga Puja. This year had to be different, with the Covid positive counts increasing in the state, less because of government enforcements but more towards common people who have just been tired and accepted this pandemic is just another peril to fight off.

But I have slowly gearing up to the fact that during those four days of Durga Puja, I was about to start ordering in food which I have missing out over the last 6-7 months.
The start had to be with the unique idea from my friend Utsav’s cafe – The Big Byang.

For long, I have been reading about their “Niramish” preparation of meat and fish i.e. without onion and garlic and the moment was ripe when their Durga Puja special was announced. Along with their usual menu, they came up with this small but delectable set of Traditional Bhog pulao made with Prawn (also available without it), Niramish Chicken and Pork curry and hold your breath – Niramish Fish Fry.
The usual Chicken or Pork curry prepared without onion and garlic was still something we knew about but “Niramish” Fish Fry intrigued me. So on Saptami evening (which incidentally was my mom’s birthday as well), I called up Utsav and arranged for a home delivery of:

  • Gobindobhog Prawn Pulao
  • couple of “Niramish Bhog er Fish Fry”
  • couple of standard Fish Fry

the niramish twist to FISH FRY

The Niramish Fish Fry was a revelation of sorts for our taste buds – instead of the usual marinade, this had the strong flavour of kalo-jeera oil and mustard and I definitely liked this variant – something I never tried before. The fish was fresh and that’s what finally mattered. Kudos for bringing this to us!


I have good old memories of this prawn pulao because long before Utsav turned into this avataar, we happened to taste this in our good old Bangalore days. But the twist here was the use gobindobhog rice and I will say this was bit underwhelming after tasting that superhit fish fry! I should have paired this with one of the curries and then the flavour should have come up much better! I will still say – go for this but pair this up with the Chicken/Pork curry.

Hole in the pocket

For one plate of Prawn Pulao and four Fish Fry, I paid a measly INR 860/-! 🙂
NOTE: For home delivery, we have to arrange it ourselves as traditional Swiggy doesn’t come from Jadavpur to where I stay – but for that there are loads of delivery options – Swiggy Genie, Uber Connect etc.


I have been to Big Byang twice till date and each time, there was one dish shining up on our table – Pan Fried Chilly Pork, extremely flavourful with the right mix of meat and fat!
Leaving with the picture of the Chilly Pork and their Puja Special menu.

Soon we will be back with more stories about food from our favorite places. Till then, if you are in Kolkata (or anywhere in India) and celebrating this festival period, so remember these.

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