Maach-Mishti & More – 6 Ballygunj Place

Do you have those days, when you are craving for good Bengali food, maybe the same regular dishes stuff coming out of our household kitchen, but only a bit more presentable, refined (and maybe extravagant?)

Well, it was during Poila Boishak and we were already craving for good old Bengali “maacher jhol“! But most of the restaurents begin serving only buffet on these festive days due to the rush, which we wanted to avoid. So we decided to start our celebrations a day in advance and dropped in for a dinner at 6 Ballygunj Place (Salt Lake branch).

The restaurant is decorated with beautiful murals on the wall and there’s also a collage wall just full of old bengali movie posters! It kind of brings a nostalgic feel to the place. We did however, find the upstairs seating arrangement bit dimly lit and claustrophobic and not quite as open and airy as the ground floor.

All Things Bengali!


The food has always been fantastic here, though a bit heavy on the pocket, but what we  really like at this branch is their service where in the staff are generally very attentive and polite. The crockeries, the ones that they use for decor and the ones they serve in, both are beautifully painted and seems like a page out of “Thakumaa-r Jhuli”.


Now about the food, for starters and main we ordered the following

  • Aam Panna – This was better than what they serve in most restaurants in the name of Aam Panna. Here you actually get the taste of real raw mango. It was very refreshing.
  • Gondhoraj Murgi – 6 BP’s signature starter, an unique combination of melt-in-your-mouth chicken strips and gondhoraj/kaafir lime. A must try – one can visit 6 BP only for these.
  • Moong Daal – This was quite ordinary as per restaurant quality!
    Moong Daal


  • Posto Narkel Bora – Try this one as a side with daal. These are small flat cakes made with narkel and posto batta ( ground coconut and poppy seed paste) and then fried in a coating of posto (poppy seeds). This one’s a winnner.
    Posto Narkel Bora


  • Pabda Shorshe Jhaal – Quintessential bengali favourite. The Pabda served was fresh and the gravy well balanced.
  • Chitol Peti – The Peti peice served quite handful and big! The gravy was tomato based, not runny and was quite tasty too. I however thought that the fish didn’t have that thick tel (chitol fish-oil layer underneath the skin) the thing i love in chitol. All in all i would recommend this one for chitol lovers.
  • Murgir jhol – Simple bengali sunday mangsher jhol,was ordinary again.

    Desserts – No Bengali meal is complete without this part isnt it? We tried Baked Mihidana which is kind of 6 BP’s signature dessert and we love this one. Next was the Nolen Gur-er icecream which was very similar to the one served in Bhojohori, but was missing the khoya kheer crumbs on top. Then last one was their Bhapa Doi. It’s a must try! It was just perfect, not too sweet like most mishti-doi are and the texture of the curd was so smooth – a clear winner!

P. S.
We wanted to try the Tel Koi priced at 300+ bucks, however did not order it after we came to know that one plate will serve only one Koi?!? Koi fishes are quite small (the small ones being tastier), and only one small one per plate definitely didn’t sound like value for money.

Well, we bengalis, always tend to crave fine dining Bangali ranna during the festive seasons and special days, don’t we? Or when we want to showcase our Daab-Chingri and Ilish-Paturi to friends visiting from other states? Well for all those times and more, 6BP is one place you should check out!

Delectably yours,
The Foodie Monkey

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